Too Much Tech? 

Panel Discussion Leveraging Technology in your City or County. 


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The pandemic has opened many eyes to the technology gaps that exist in our communities. Local leaders are eager to move forward to fill those gaps and engage their citizens and customers, but is it too much too fast? Are we ignoring the human element in an effort to get everyone “plugged in”? 

Join Krystle Ramos from First Billing Services and Heidi McCutcheon, Executive Director of the Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce in Shelton, WA to discuss the challenges that face city and county government, their businesses, and citizens in adapting and adopting technologies to stay connected. 

✓ Uncover how to overcome challenges of reconnecting with citizens. 

✓ Learn how to bridge the communication gap with citizens through technology.

✓ Strengthen your budget shortfalls from lost citizen payments.

✓ Discover resources to strengthen your county and city department processes.

Krystle Ramos
Director, Business Development

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To Learn how to Leverage Technology in Your City or County 


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Heidi McCutcheon
Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce

About Heidi McCutcheon

Heidi McCutcheon is the CEO of the Shelton-Mason County Chamber. She loves the works she does and wears many hats including economic developer and planner, tourist information center, business spokesperson, economic counselor and teacher, government relations specialist, human resources advisor, public relations practitioner and, of course, other duties as assigned. A Shelton native returned home after a decade of growth and travel, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Concordia University Portland.